What is it about?

It is about YOU sharing the gospel in any possible way to people who never heard it or are not yet born again Christians and leading those people to salvation in Jesus.

All you need is a willingness to go. Share the gospel according to your personal gifting and calling as the Lord leads you.

There are thousands of ways to do this, either personal or together with a group or a church.

What can I do?

Reach at the least ONE person with the Gospel and the Global Outreach Day!

From a personal approach to unsaved friend or neighbours to sharing the Gospel on streets, campusses, public plasses or transportations to larger evangelistic events and outreaches, there are many, many options.

Reach out to the people, don't wait for them to come to you!
Create opportunities to:

  • get in contact and start a conversation
  • share your testimony and the Gospel message
  • offer them prayer
  • lead them to a decision

It is not so difficult as you might think!


You don't feel like an Evangelist?

Talking to other people about Jesus feels a bit uncomfortable, you're not sure if you really could do this?

Find out how to experience a real breakthrough!

Be creative and let the following ideas inspire you:

Personal approach - One-On-One

Invite someone

invite a friend, colleague or neighbour for coffee, to lunch or barbecue etc. and share your personal story how you met Jesus. 


Practical help:

offer to go shopping, give someone a ride, help out in your neighbours yard, wash someone's car, clean the house, mow the lawn. If you have special skills, offer them for free: financial counsel, repairs, etc.

Teams & Groups

Creative Evangelism

creative drama, sketches, dances, artistic presentations – use unusual gifts and ideas to draw the attention of the people and then share the message



start a flashmob that gathers people and then spread out together to talk to the people why you did it.

Churches & Ministries

Larger Events

gospel concerts, street or kid's festivals, creative dramas or arrange a larger gospel campaign in your city together with other churches


Neighborhood, street & district campaigns

Reach complete areas with strategic home to home, block for block or area specific campaigns


Use Media

Gospel Media Tools

Share gospel booklets, books or tracts, hand out DVDs with testimonies and healings, use media to open a conversation 


yesHEis evangelism app

 Share videos from the yesHEis app to help start conversations about Jesus with your friends and family.




Link your unsaved friends to web platforms that share the gospel,  send them video clips, use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, chat with them etc. 

Here is more...



     You could need some help?

          We have prepared a pack of free resources that will
           inspire and equip you to go out and effectively reach people.

          - Video teaching and training. Learn to communicate
                 the right message and lead someone to Jesus.
          - Free study resources
          - resources to mobilize others for the G.O.D.
          - and more...