Vision & Challenge

The vision of Global Outreach Day is of every believer sharing the Gospel on the last Saturday of May every year.

Every believer is a witness!

Millions of Christians in over 140 nations are already sharing the Gospel on that day. The goal is for every Christian on this day to reach at least one person with the Gospel message.

93 % of church members never share the Gospel with others

"If we can figure out a way to turn an audience into an army - it will change the world." Rick Warren

The Global Outreach Day (G.O.D.) is a catalyst to mobilize the church for evangelism. This day of action is the first step to a life-style evangelism.


The Global Outreach Day combines prayer with action. That is why we are connected with many prayer movements like GDoP, IHOP or The Call. The night before the G.O.D. Christians around the world are praying, e.g. in Nigeria in the "Holy Ghost Service" with over 500.000 people for it.


Christians worldwide are trained to spread the Gospel by being taught 3 simple steps:

  1. How to start a conversation
  2. How to share the Gospel
  3. How to lead somebody to Jesus

More than 6 million of G.O.D. training literature have been printed and distributed worldwide.

"These training material are unique"
Paul Eshlemen, Vice President CRU


It's easy! Every Christian can be part of it. We are called to testify and everyone can share the Gospel in his own way. It just needs the willingness to go.

Develop your ideas! Here are some practical examples of how Christians are sharing the Gospel:

One on one - Inviting somebody over for a cup of coffee and telling him about Jesus, a nurse in a hospital, or a businessmen to another businessmen.

In small groups - reading out to the streets, in the market places, parks,etc

Care and share - Doind something good for the needy in hospitals, prisons, children homes, etc

Reach your area - Visiting home to home or strategic campaigns with other churches

More ideas - Concerts, open-air meetings, flash mob, banners, share tracts, post on Facebook, etc.